Igor Gandra · Artistic Director

Puppets, objects and matter come to life in this festival! They do so in order to challenge us to think about the universe of things from a different perspective perhaps one closer to their own to maybe rediscover ourselves in our ever new, unwavering humanity. FIMP’s 2020 edition presents a set of rather distinct pieces, worlds and aesthetics, which jointly combine several possibilities to discuss sciences and politics when performing with animated matter. Some of these pieces place us before the (im)material nature of images, which today’s interaction with multiple screens has made us internalise... At FIMP, animated objects and their naivety (or nerve, if one thinks about it) take on the task of manufacturing images before our very eyes. This line-up also provides us with the chance to meet artists who are essential when it comes to performing with matters and objects, and who present us with impossible bodies and faces, and alternative cosmogonies.